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Welcome to Stuarts Originals - Cityscape Prints and Paintings.

Thank you for visiting Stuarts Originals virtual gallery. All the cityscape paintings and prints of Martin Stuart Moore can be viewed here along with comments about each of the cityscape prints he has published over the last 24 years.

Stuart started painting towns in 1990 in the wake of a successful career in urban renewal. Now his pictures are hanging in every corner of the globe. There are many styles of painting, but few are more recognisable than Stuart's panoramic cityscapes. The many thousands of his prints purchased in recent years is testimony to the popularity of his work. Stuart's paintings are reproduced as large limited edition prints as well as the small sized collectors series.

This site will not only show you the cityscape paintings he has published but you can also view the latest news; learn something about Stuart's style and development as an artist; and also how to order a cityscape print of your own.

What are panoriccio cityscape paintings?

In selecting landmarks, historic buildings, quirky structures, etc. Stuart seeks to get the feeling of his urban subject into the imaginary composition of his cityscape prints. He freely moves buildings about, but seeks some geographical sense. To describe his work, he has combined the terms 'panorama' (the aerial view of the city used in his panoramic cityscapes) and 'capriccio' (the artist being capricious with the truth). The 'bird's eye view' became popular as early as the 16th Century in Europe and his capricious approach has roots in the 18th Century work of Canaletto and Di Guardi, who sometimes resited buildings to benefit their Venetian compositions.